Members of the American KuneKune Pig Society


Our goal at Goose Meadow is to produce the best KuneKune Pigs with great confirmation, excellent personalities, and the most diverse genetics available. 


Boar Bloodlines: Ru, BH Tutaki, Boris

Sow Bloodlines: Trish, Kereopa, Sally, Awakino, BH Rebecca Gina,, Aria Giana


Importers of the Ru, Trish, Kereopa, Sally, Awakino, BH Tutaki, BH Rebecca Gina KuneKune bloodlines!


These bloodlines were carefully selected for their beautiful confirmation, and show/breed quality genetics.  These bloodlines trace back to original New Zealand stock through British imports and are well represented throughout the world.  As the popularity in the KuneKunes continue to grow in the USA it is going to be important to look at extended pedigrees and make sure the bloodlines selected for a breeding program dates back to show/breed quality, registered stock.


We are very excited to announce that we have imported the Ru boar line as well as the Trish, Awakino, Kereopa, and Sally bloodlines into our herd.  These are the first of these bloodlines in the USA and are some of the rarest of the KuneKune bloodlines  in the United States.  We also brought  in a new import of the Rebecca Gina and Tutaki bloodlines.  These lines will help add a extremely valuable amount of diversification to the KuneKune herds in this country.  These lines are completely unrelated to the existing lines in the USA.  We have had a few inquires about these lines already and would be happy to talk to anyone about our future plans and goals for these lines. 


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 KuneKune Pigs are a docile and friendly breed of miniature swine. With a short, upturned snout the breed can be a complete grazing breed which can be sustained off of grass alone if adequate pasture is provided. KuneKunes are a multi-purpose breed that are suitable in pet homes, petting zoos, hobby farms, orchards, or sustainable farming operations.

KuneKunes are a wonderful breed of small swine, adults mature around 75-200lbs in size. KuneKune Pigs are small by nature, are always true to their size, and are not "micro" pigs.  Micro pigs are a man-made cross of breeds which are never consistent in size. Research the breed that you are interested in purchasing and buy from only registered quality stock of that breed so you can ensure the pig you are getting will meet your farm, home, and lifestyle needs.  Our goal is to help preserve this wonderful breed and to help educate anyone who is interested in learning more about the docile and friendly nature of the KuneKune.  We do not support crossing the KuneKune Pigs with other breeds as we believe they are perfect just the way they are.  Buyers looking for the wonderful qualities of the KuneKune should buy from reputable breeders who are striving to protect and maintain the wonderful KuneKune breed.